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AZTLAN has developed certain proprietary investment techniques which include the AZTLAN Fundamental Factor Value Model (“the Model” or “AZTLAN Model”) as well as the AZTLAN Fundamental Analysis and Valuation Process (“AZTLAN Investment Process”). These techniques were derived in part using historical financial data, historical stock performance data, historical currency foreign exchange data sets, among other data using information from sources believed to be reliable and accurate. These techniques have been evaluated by AZTLAN using statistical methodologies commonly known as “Back Testing”. Back Testing results do not purport to reflect actual performance of an actual portfolio or account. The information derived from such Back Testing is theoretical and actual future results may vary materially, positively or negatively. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Even if the Model functions as anticipated, it cannot account for all factors that may influence the prices of the investments, such as event risk. As market dynamics shift over time, a previously highly successful model often becomes outdated or inaccurate. There can be no assurance that the firm will be successful in obtaining and / or maintaining effective models or in identifying when its models are no longer effective (at least before substantial losses are incurred). Any Back Testing information contained herein is provided as supplemental Information only and is intended to highlight certain aspects related to the investment philosophy and investment process followed by AZTLAN. The information contained herein has been obtained or developed by AZTLAN from sources believed to be reliable and accurate, AZTLAN makes no representations whatsoever related to the accuracy, completeness or omissions of such information. No investment decision must be based on the accuracy or completeness of the information or the opinions contained herein.

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